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Electric Dreams = Web Magic

When you begin to dream in HTML, in Joomla, in WordPress, have you conquered the ‘Learning Curve’ of each?

While trying to learn how to use HTML to design a web page in 2001, I began to dream in HTML. Understanding HTML soon followed. And my first primitive website on Tripod began to take shape. To promote my novel, Sun Child, Prince of Egypt.

It’s still up, click here–> StarWalkerProductions.tripod.com. What a mess! Well, it’s a free site.
To get to the proper index page go to, click here–> My Tripod Home Page

At the time, I struggled with CGI and email, dodged CSS, and learned how to create graphics first on a Compac notebook, which I ‘blew up’, and then on my old Mac OS 8.6 Powerbook, and use them on borrowed Windows internet access (usually the Library’s).

There was one thing that made this all begin to click in my mind. I was also researching the ‘hieroglyphs’ of Ancient Egypt, their ‘Sacred Symbols’, the “Medu Neter”; and Egyptian Magic. There was a particular emphasis on using the Medu Neter in always the same way, written the same, spoken the same, or the ‘spell'(?) wouldn’t work.

The idea popped into my head after one of those ‘electric dreams’ that the hieroglyphs were like HTML. What if they were a system, a language, a code to universal programs, operating systems? After all their civilization dominated the know world for 3,000 years. Maybe this was all just an ancient technology the knowledge of which has been lost in time.

There are many now exploring this possibility and their theories can be found around the web. For instance, Nur Ankh Amen’s theories on
The Ankh: African Origins of Electromagnetism”

There are others who suggest that other scientists besides Egyptologists, Archaeologists, Biblical or religious scholars, begin to study the ancient records of this ancient language for clues to their lost technologies. This is becoming easier for scholars and scientists in other disciplines to do with the advent of many easy ways to learn to read, write and understand hieroglyphs, many on the Web.

Regardless, an understanding of how Ancient Egyptian Magic worked is possible by just by understanding how HTML works, along with all the other applications and systems. And visa versa.

To help you along, I’ve posted some beginning definitions and ideas about Egyptian Magic and about the Web. Just click on the topics listed under categories.

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This Blog site is to keep you informed of progress on Building this Joomla! Website Plus:

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