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Archaeological Link List

Useful links to Egyptology Research, News, Info, Museums, etc. I’ll add to it as I go along.

  1. –>Osiris Net
  2. –>Cairo Egyptian Museum (wiki with several links)
  3. –>Tour Egypt (with many useful sections)
  4. –>Mysteries in Stone
  5. –>Jim Loy’s Egyptology & Hieroglyphs
  6. –>Hiero Language Intro
  7. –>Egyptian Writing Systems
  8. –>Thoth-Scribe Online Books List
  9. –>Internet Sacred Texts
  10. –>Thoth-Scribe AE Magic Links List
  11. –>Thoth-Scribe-AE Language Links List
  12. –>Thoth-Scribe Links
  13. –>British Museum Online Collections
  14. –>Ancient Egyptian Language eList
  15. –>AE KingList
  16. –>Egyptology newsBlog (unfortunately blog shut down due to hackers)
  17. –>Egyptology BlogNews
  18. –>Greg Reeder’s KMT-Egyptology.com

As Punctuation for this List this wonderful graphic from Greg:

Scarab mousepad Egyptology.com

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