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New Global Egyptian Museum – Online

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This new Global Egyptian Museum is easy to use, and provides lots of good info.
For instance, this incredibly beautiful winged scarab of mine, that I haven’t seen in over 85 years, is interpreted on the site by each of the symbols that depict my coronation name and make up the jewel:–>”Neb-Kheper-U-Re”

Lapis Winged Scarab from the Global Museum, with King Tut

Do explore this great new site as it grows and expands with museums adding new items and provenances. Provenances include who discovered it, if known, and when and where, what era of Ancient Egypt, and original owners, as well as where the item is now.

–>Global Egyptian Museum will prove to be of use to many scholars and laymen.

Enjoy! Let me know how you like the site.


Tut’s mummy on display for 1st Time?

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First Time? Get serious, Dr. Hawass!

Mummy of Tut

Tut’s mummy will be moved to a climate-controlled glass case in the antechamber of the pharaoh’s tomb in November.

The pharaoh’s remains will be partially rewrapped in linen with the face of the pharaoh left uncovered, according to Mansour Boraik, general supervisor of the Supreme Council of Antiquities in Luxor.

Officials hope the display will increase the number of visitors and generate profit for the conservation of other Egyptian antiquities.

“The golden boy has magic and mystery that bring people from all over the world,” Hawass said.—>King Tut’s Mummy to Be Displayed for 1st Time– Natl Geo News-

At least my naked body will be partially covered, but my face! No mask, no coffin! Just bare.

And what happens to the sarcophogus and my gold and jewel covered coffin?

All for more money. You are greedy, Hawass!

At least Carter had a heart. You just have a hat!


Tut on “Left Behind Baskets”

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So my good friend Howard Carter left me some baskets of food and some nametags.
Carter had a heart! How thoughtful.

And Now I suppose you will take them away, Mr. Hawass.

(See Reuters article: –>Baskets,
pots found abandoned in Tutankhamun tomb

Mon 24 Sep 2007, 10:29 GMT)

You are also threatening to remove my mummy and the last coffin allowed me to your new museum which you have financed from the international tours of my belongings. What makes you different from any tomb robber?

Mummy of Tut My Last Golden Coffin

At least I will be close to my beloved Memphis and the Great Sphinx,
even if I  must suffer lying naked for all to see.


Waiting for Harry: Potter Fans Speculate

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Connections with Harry Potter and Ancient Egypt? Oh, yes.

Mad for Harry Potter fans posted about this recently on the ‘Waiting for Harry” forum provided by Barnes & Noble for anxious readers:

bnmc2007 wrote: “BTW DKrupp, I’m sure you’ve made this connection already but did you notice how the Snitch exactly resembles the Egyptian Symbol for the Sun God Horus?

During battle against the evil God Seth Horus was transformed into a Golden Orb with two Wings. It’s floating right under the Title in the middle of the cover of “Quidditch Through the Ages.”

I found this info when I was looking up the Vulture Symbol in Egyptian mythology. There are some overlapping symbols with The Vulture as the symbol of the Mother Guardian who is responsible for protecting Horus. So Sometimes the Horus is seen with two vultures flying at his side.


Um snitch- Horus- maybe not so far off really.”

Dkrupp wrote: “More on the Eye of Horus – an interesting thing I just discovered is it’s use in math, most specifically to define the number 1, as 1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8 + 1/16 + 1/32 + 1/64. This is done by using the bits of the picture as the fractions, and together it is seen as a “whole.” Interestingly enough, the ancient Egyptians threw out the remaining 1/64, so 63/64 = 1.”

–>See their Posts: The “Other Mother” in Half Blood Prince – Waiting for Harry Forum

How fascinating that the Snitch and the Winged Sun do look alike.

Boy, did these guys get it wrong about Egyptian Fractions and the Eye of Horus. Throw out the remainder! That’s part of the mystique of the Sacred Symbols that you call hieroglyphs!

Do let me try to explain, the missing fraction, 1/64, is equvalent to “ro”, or “a mouthful”, or about 2.5 oz. The missing fraction, the magical part, needed to make the Eye of Horus whole. And it is all to do with the ancient legend of the ‘Contendings of Horus and Set”.

But that isn’t all, the six parts of the Eye of Horus also represent the six senses. What could possibly be represented by the missing part? Something magical? Something divine? The Seventh Sense?

Trust me, we did not discard it.

According to the legends, Thoth supplied the missing magical part to make the Eye of Horus whole.

So what was that missing magical part?

All you mad Harry Potter fans, have you studied real magic? Do you have a clue?


I Am the Bee King !

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I Am the Bee King

Hear my words and tremble!

One of my titles as King of Egypt was the “Bee King”, or “He of the Sedge and the Bee”.

The Sedge and the Bee Hieroglyphs The Bee Hieroglyph Obelisk with cartouche of King with Sedge and Bee Royal Title

Let me tell you why this is so important. Without your bees to pollinate your crops, your country will fail to prosper.

We knew this 5,000 years ago!

You could starve to death waiting for the ineffectual governments that now predominate to figure out the causes and the fixes for the mysterious large-scale disappearance of bees this last winter.

The massive die-off of the honey-bees needed for this year’s crop pollination has puzzled scientists, beekeepers and beekeeping organizations for the last six months. But the US Congress has only this month finally held hearings and funded research to solve the problem of sudden Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), which is what they are now calling this syndrome.

Congress funded a five-year study, but you cannot afford to wait that long to find out the causes and cures.

Your brilliant scientist, Albert Einstein said: "If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left.

  • No more bees,
  • no more pollination,
  • no more plants,
  • no more animals,
  • no more man."

Without bees :

  • Crops won’t prosper.
  • Fruits and vegetables won’t develop,
  • Alfalfa and clover won’t grow which feeds much of  the livestock.
  • Honey supplies will dwindle.
  • Food Prices will sky-rocket!
  • Wildflowers will suffer more losses. Last year was very sparse year for wildflowers.
  • Prices for everything will skyrocket!

U.S. beekeepers are reporting losses up to 70 to 90 percent of their bees.

Unusually no bodies are found. Other bees do not use the abandoned hives, to raid the honey stores or take it over, nor do other parasites or invaders. Queens and young are abandoned in the hives.

The scientists could use some help from the public. The biggest problems lie in “no bodies, no clues,” so perhaps the public can help. If you find a lot of dead bees, in an area or in clumps, please contact your local extensions office or university agricultural department to report them. Researchers will need to study the dead bodies as well as the surrounding areas for probable causes.

More on the role of the Bee King later.


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