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How I wrote the Sun Child novel

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A Letter:  

(to my friend Andrew Singer, 2007)  Bennu bird, the phoenix of Egypt, the Ba. 

 To start, Andrew, it was all based on research, on published tomes, texts, journals, from

the mostly orthodox.
Problems arose in plotting.
You know as well as I do how many different theories there are about Tut and his family
(including yours as well as mine, too), I couldn’t base a novel that way. And besides I had
impressions just from studying books and photos of Akhenaten, Tut, etc., leaving all
visions out.

So, here I was in the desert, with a few chapters started, but where do I go from there?
You should have seen the camp, Spring 2002. My van was my camper. My tent was my office,
with cardtable, portable manual typewriter, 2 crates of note files and books for
reference. Still have about 6 crates of notes I took over the years from research.
My friend Joe had camped next to me.

Then the birds showed up one morning. My friend and I were puzzled. The nearest water was
the Colorado River, 20 miles away. What were these water-birds doing in our tree? Four of
them. I sketched them, they are on —>my MUSES page.
figured out they were a heron of some kind.
But they looked just like the phoenix in AE figures. Showed them to Joe and he agreed.
They did look like the Egyptian phoenix.

And that night the story just started coming out of my head. I wrote it down by
candlelight just as fast as I could. I was so amazed.
Typed it up the next day, filled in what I remembered that I didn’t get down on paper the
night before. I was impressed. The birds were still there.
Next night, the rest of the story. and the end of the first book. the plot, the villain,
the result.
Typed it up. The birds were still there.
But the next day they were gone.

After checking and double-checking, found the plot was feasible and seemed to have chosen
certain theories, or rather ‘verified'(?), no, that’s not what I’m trying to say.

Anyway, what could I think except that they were magical beings sent to give me the
story? Perhaps they had to be ‘Muses”.

read more …

The Mummy – The Movie

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No matter how many times it plays, we always love to watch these:

So, when we saw this movie in the theater (The Mummy Returns), and this scene came on, I was thrown back in my seat, and Tut shouted in my ear:

“We never had anything like that in my day!”

You can imagine my shock.

Sometimes it is hard to deal with —>Magical Muses.

And I don’t even know how to explain how Tut got loose in the world. I do know he is stunned by what has happened in Egypt especially in the last few years and that he knows that something worse than the –>Hyksos has seized that country.


Egyptian Writing – Hieroglyphs

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A really fabulous site with an extensive description:

“The Egyptian Hieroglyphs is among the old writing system in the world. Unlike its contemporary cuneiform Sumerian, Egyptian Hieroglyph’s origin is much more obscure. There is no identifiable precursor. It was once thought that the origin of Egyptian Hieroglyphs are religious and historical, but recent developments could point to an economical impetus for this script as well as push back the time depth of this writing system.”


An example of Egyptian logoforms:

Egyptian Logoforms


Have fun exploring,




Myth, magic and the feast of Opet

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One of Tut’s favorite festivals is still celebrated in little villages of Egypt along the Nile.

Myth,-magic-and-the-feast-of-Opet- – Al-Ahram Weekly.

This colorful page describes the Beautiful Feast of Opet: –>The Opet Festival

Luxor Temple

The sphinx-lined approach to the Luxor Temple & the pylon of Ramesses II (1985)

HetHert.org is another colorful site with a vivid description of the  –>Opet Festival.

Egypt’s Magical King

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