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First Edition Sun Child, Prince of Egypt

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First Edition of my novel Sun Child, Prince of Egypt, NOW available online. Sun Child, Prince of Egypt First Edition Book Cover

I designed a new book cover with my own graphics, photos and design (click on image for lightbox popup with the full size image):

Online Now

–> Tales of King Tut eStore

If you prefer an Amazon site:

–> Tales of King Tut A-Store

Hope you all like the new cover.

Can’t tell you just how thrilled we are to finally make it to print.

René O’Deay, Tutankhamen and Paaten

Dispatch from the Past

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Ba of King Tut

May Health, Life and Prosperity be yours!

Our Author has given us a chance to communicate with you, you and those in your world who have become fascinated with the romance of the beautiful dead young King and the wonderful treasures of his House of Eternity.

The two of us, Tutankhamen and Ankhesenamen, discovered the ultimate cause of disorder in our Empire on our assuming the Throne of Egypt. We found that fundamental beliefs cannot be successfully imposed by force, that the freedom to believe as one chose was more unifying and empowering, that force breaks the Divine Cycle of Energy between the Gods, the King and the People.

It is hard to explain these concepts to you in your modern day world.

Our intelligence revealed that our Egypt, our Kingdom of the Two Lands, began to lose power in the world as its people began to lose faith in their own traditional gods.

Tut: The Empire faltered when my Brother the Pharaoh Akhenaten attacked those other gods and those beliefs. Ma’at stumbled. Though he claimed to ‘live in truth’, Akhenaten brought only disorder and chaos to the Two Lands.

PaAten: When I saw that the people suffered, I told my father the Pharaoh, and that they also had no priests or temples to guide and help them.
His only answer was: ‘Let them come to me.’

But how could many come so far for recourse. For the King no longer went to them, only those in his Holy City could see Pharaoh and petition him for aid. All outside Akhetaten, that ‘Holy City,’ had been excluded from the ‘Garden of Heaven’ that had been our Egypt.

Villains took what they wanted and there was no one to stop them or punish them. And this had happened since Pharaoh only five years ago had closed all the temples, each of which maintained and guided certain essential routines in our world, for order, for Ma’at.

Tut: These routines had to be restored and the people, the devotees who helped maintain those routines, and guide them, had to be allowed to return to these duties, or new ones appointed to represent us. (Our delegates)

I, Pharaoh, re-endowed those temples with lands, servants and goods to support them along with the priests appointed from the locals who gave service for two months of each year. The ‘Bounty of the Gods’, benefiting all the priests’ families was restored as well.

Then the Gods of Egypt began to work for the the Two Lands again. And Ma’At, order and justice, returned to our Egypt again.

PaAten: Understand, this was not a ‘surrender’ in a great battle between gods: the God-King of Egypt and many of Egypt’s Ancient Gods. That battle of my father and his father was laid to rest with their deaths.

We knew, Tutankhamen and I, that there is only Re, that all others come from Re, and that Re is more than just the Sun.

Now we see the cataclysmic struggle in your time, life and much death, over which god (of your biggest three) is real, which is the True God and must be believed. And one seeks to impose their vision of God on all the others by brute and fatal force, even on those who believe in the same god as theirs.

Tutankhamen: And so, our Ka’s, our spirits, have returned to the world from the Stars where we dwell, though Egyptologist Howard Carter released our Ba, our souls, for we have a message from the Star-Kings, and want our story told.

Ba of King Tut

Our Ba

Tutankhamen & PaAten

Travel arrangements

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Salutations, My King, Life, Health, Prosperity!
Dearest Tut,

I know how much depends on us – the Two Lands to recover – Ma’At to return to the world.

I promise never to outrun my guards, to let them search every room before I enter, on land and on water, to have at least two by my side whoever I may speak with.

As far as dividing our Court, perhaps it would be best for me to take my grandfather, Lord Aye, and Lord Penthu, our Chief Physician, better for those two to travel North with me, and some of the Children, perhaps Prince Hiknefer, if you can bear to part with him.

Lord Nakhtmin has already proven his competence and loyalty to you. He is so skilled and talented, I trust him totally to guard and guide you through the treacherous paths you must follow in the South.

Though I do not like you going there without me, perhaps ‘they’ will not feel as threatened without my presence. The daughter of the one who attacked rather than protected our ‘Eternal Egypt’, who they may not trust to actually repair the damage left by her father.

Sometimes I am dismayed by so many gods and goddesses as if each part of our lives is ruled by a different deity. But then the whole snaps back into place when I remember your name:
‘Neb Kheper U Re’, O ‘Lord of the Many Forms of Re’! And that All came from Re.

I will return to you, my King, and you must promise me as great a care for yourself.
There is no one who can replace you in the Two Lands or in my heart.


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