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“I have seen yesterday. I know tomorrow.” Tutankhamen, from his Golden Shrine.

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“We’re back online, and René has agreed to stop ‘marketing and promoting’ our books for awhile and get back to creating our stories,” posts Tut.

“I just wanted to let all the fans of mine know, that her books about me, Tales of King Tut, are not children’s books. These are novels for adults. These are not ‘channeled’ books, either, though we did visit and inspire her in the desert. I’ll have her post a link to the story of how that happened under ‘Muses‘.

Sun Child, Prince of Egypt, does start out following me and my friends through one portentious day from just before dawn to long after an exhausting day and night, but that’s just the beginning. It’s an introduction to my life in the City of the Sun under the rule of my brother, the Pharaoh Akhenaten.

“You’ll meet everyone if you join us on the journey. All my princess cousins and four Queens! Also my other brother, the CoRegent SmenkhKare, and all my friends and Schoolmates. We have a kind of club, called the Children of the KAP, they are my best buddies and most trusted confidants.

“We hope you’ll join us on our journeys up and down the Nile. But come back anytime, you might find something out. Like all about how magic began and how we made it work.”


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