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Widgets Wadjets and WhatNot

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Widgets ‘ –>wadjets‘ and whatnots! (UPDATED 12/28/12)

My Favorite so far is the NeoCounter with the flags of my visitors’ countries.
See it on the Sidebar.
Available at –>NeoWorks.net
They are skinnable, I love the revolving earth on mine.

As cute as they were, there were scripting problems. So I removed them.
Not sure if it was my problems or theirs.

Then there are the Babelfish translators, My Foreign visitors can get just a few words, whole pages, and actually whole sites, translated into their own language. Probably not totally accurate and clumsy with an auto-translate, and will lose some meanings and nuances. But…

(These scripts will also slow down your site. Especially when you use lots of flags, so I removed those too. You can get browser plugins to do it better.)

Next the Favorite.me new app. It makes it easier to fave someone on Technorati, unfortunately just from their list, but it opens technorati on the same page in a frame, and once there you can add a list of new favorites before exiting back to favorite.me dashboard. You keep it all on one page, not having to open new windows for each one. Great idea. Join up.Just Use the Link Icon on the sidebar. Or go to –>Favorite.me

Favorite.me has been discontinued due to lagging interest in technorati. Hmmm. Maybe it was just too hard to implement, and favors were NOT returned! but you can see who got listed when you click the Favorite.me link.

But I love Technorati! You can get all your Favorites feeds on one technorati page and not on your own site!

Then there’s –>MyBlogLog, a now defunct networking community. What was great is you got to see some of the faces of those who dropped by your blog, even though many use avatars that are cartoons or other. Still you see the image they project of themselves. find out what kind of visitors are actually coming by. and you can send them emails, drop off messages on their boards, and get more visitors who might get interested. Unfortunately so successful, Yahoo bought it and then discontinued it.

And then there’s the Blidget, you can see it on my –>MySpace
. (oops, MySpace has definitely changed. ) You can see it on my other blog: —>RenéOnline
Blidget makes your blog into a widget, and easily installs
it for you on Myspace, or other blogs. –>Get

I like the Blidgets the best. Users can get your feed in this cool widget, and then get their OWN!
Compare feeds for yourself two kinds of feeds on Google’s Blogger, plain feed vs Blidget on –>René O’Deay gBlog

This train idea is rad, but really time-consuming. Do you just want links? Or do you want interested readers? You have created some interesting content?

Yes, Content is King.!!!

The Technorati icons, the ads from my webhost Siteground and Google and Amazon.
Blidget is available from WidgetWorks.
I’m keeping those to an unobtrusive minimum. I absolutely hate those sites whose ads snag you just by brushing them or even just coming close with your cursor!

I do highly recommend my host –>SiteGround, there’s lots of great features, and their customer support is really fast.

Do let me know if you have used any of these and your experience with them. Or if you like them or not.
Give us a comment.


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